Passionate and determined, Alexandre Vauthier joins, right after his fashion studies, the Thierry Mugler studio. Mugler represents to him the absolute master of garment architecture. This wonderful opportunity turns into an efficient 4 years training, at the Couture ateliers that arouses his elation.


Afterwards, he joins maison Jean-Paul Gaultier as Head designer of the still nascent Couture collection. This rich 8 years experience strenghtens his will to realize a personal project and let his personality express plainly in his own fashion house. His strong and creative universe is enriched by professional collaborations in Japan and numerous trips to the US.

Alexandre Vauthier has a native call for rigour and precision and the radical cuts in his design express a style that is inspired both by his French culture as well as by Anglo-Saxon influences. This mix becomes a laboratory in which he reworks the traditional codes of elegance, and transposes them in his modern vision. In January 2009, during Paris Couture Week, he presents his first own couture collection at La Maison des Métallos. Roisin Murphy, convinced of his talent, supports him from the very first moments. She walks on the runway of his first show and wears his creations for public appearances.