Franck Rezzak graduated in 1989 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. He studies painting at the ateliers of Pierre Alechinsky and Yan Voss, whereafter he chooses to specialize in figurative painting.

When Franck Rezzak meets Jean-Pierre Pincemin, he decides to intensify his research abroad. In Italy he gets invited by Not Vital to the Casa Puccini de Lucca for a residence. It is here that he gets to study Greek and Roman Antiquity, Fayum painting and frescos of the Villa des Mystères in Pompéi, and finds inspiration for one of his future projects “La mère des crises”.

Another important meeting is the one with Leo Castelli in 1990. This happening is crucial for another residence in Mexico in 1998 where he discovers the Mexican muralistes and the popular art that is impregnated with ebullience, magic, divinement, death… He exposes the work that he realised during his stay at the Galeria Arte Spirale in Mexico DF.

From 1989 til 1992 he effectuates several stays/residencies in Sweden and Denmark where he exposes on a regular basis (Helsinborg, Copenhague).

In 2000 Franck Rezzak settles down in Paris. Nourished by all the experiences obtained during his journeys, his paintings become the parts of an incomplete puzzle whereof the characters are not limited to the framework and invite the spectator to imagine the missing parts. This would feed the panoramic project “La mère des crises” that he launches in 2003.

In the middle of a luxuriant environment the topics of Franck Rezzak are animalism, nature, death, sexuality… with a touch of irony and onirique.

He maintains a painting technique by calling on the personal and collectif inconscience, by the association of ideas. Rezzak is inspired by diverse images: antique comics, photography, silent film, fantastic film, film noir…

La mère des crises is a virtuosic motion through which the spectator enters a world in which he is physically present just like Alice in Wonderland.

La mère des crises is an apocalyptique canvas that brings us to a world where the images reply to each other in face-to-face conditions: every wall in the galery is covered with Franck Rezzak’s canvasses to the image of the frescos in the Villa des Mystères de Pompéi.

Franck Rezzak is 37 years old today.
This piece is revolving in his realisations.

Franck Rezzak pieces have been bought by the Museum of Seita and by private collectors in France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Canada, the United States (New York) and Mexico.

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