Alice Vaillant grew up in Paris. At a very young age, she joined the Paris Opera dance school, where her training brought her a host of different inspirations and artistic references.
She eventually decided to move on from dance, which nevertheless remained a formative passion, and went to live and study in Montreal for 3 years. During this real experience and change of culture, she studied fashion design, discovering the effervescence of North America.


She then returned to Paris and created her first collection during her Master’s at Atelier Chardon Savard, allowing her to present it at Vietnam Fashion Week and in Berlin. After graduating, she joined Jean-Paul Gaultier’s studio, followed by an experience at Nina Ricci, before creating Vaillant Studio, her own Paris-based brand, in 2019.
Vaillant Studio is fuelled by current concerns such as upcycling, responsibility and commitment. Its approach is very manual, with an almost artisanal research technique.
Alice’s creations are the result of her ongoing experimentation on specially sourced fabrics, along with reappropriation, destructuring and repurposing.
Leitmotiv: The dialogue between genres is also a starting point for her reflection. Alice repurposes the traditional men’s wardrobe, reappropriates emblematic sportswear codes by accumulating mottled logos on her accessories, and sees every print as a stand-alone
idea with its own creative journey.
Vaillant Studio focuses on garment creation. The reflection stages are important – Alice wants them to be almost discernible, conveying a reality of each piece.

“I dress my body but also my thoughts, trying on each garment to feel it and see it come to life. I attempt to convey a certain reality, but the garment must also retain an element of mystery and make-believe.”